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It is your wedding day and it is important that you feel beautiful and that you still feel like you.

Thank you for your interest in Genevieve Scoleri Hair & Makeup. We strive to provide exceptional service from your initial inquiry to your wedding day. I choose to personally handle every aspect of the wedding day beauty services to ensure everyone receives the same quality of service. My goal is for everyone to have a very personalized and stress-free beauty experience.

What you can expect from your initial inquiry

Every client is important and is treated as our only client. I offer very thorough responses to any questions you may have. All responses will be received within 24 hours, but emails are often within minutes.

What you can expect at your Preview

It is our mission to combine your style preferences with our expertise to find the perfect look for you. We will complete a thorough consultation and take a look at any inspiration pictures you have collected. We may ask you questions and have you check our progress along the way or we’ll give you a mirror at the end. Either way, we welcome you to ask for any changes to the look until you are completely happy with it. It is your wedding day and it is important that you feel beautiful and that you still feel like you.

Once you have decided you are completely happy with your hair and makeup, we will go over the contract with you and we will request payment for your Preview Services.

What you can expect after your Preview

We will follow up with you the next day. After having the previous day to wear your look we like to check-in and see if you are still completely happy with it or if you have any tweaks we should make note of. We will also send you a tentative invoice so you have an idea of what it will look like.

We will contact you for a final confirmation 2 weeks before your wedding. You have until this time to make any changes to your wedding day services. Then we will send you a finalized invoice.

Payment is required 10 days before your wedding day.

What you can expect on your Wedding Day

We will arrive early to set up so that we can start services at the agreed upon start time.We try to overestimate the time needed for services because our goal is to provide every service with the same care and consideration for personal style preferences. We also don’t want anyone to feel rushed and our goal is to finish on time or early.

What you can expect after your Wedding Day

With your permission, we will contact your photographers and ask that they share photos with us for our online portfolios.

We send you best wishes for a beautiful Honeymoon and a long and happy marriage!